Hello! I’m Rebecca

Thanks for popping in! Enjoy browsing & I hope my illustrations can put a smile on your face!



I'm an artist with a strong connection to and love for the countryside. Ironically, I now live in London! I draw inspiration from the wholesome memories of my simple and nourishing childhood; the wildlife and nature that surrounded me back then, now brings me a sense of calm and well-being whilst I live in a bustling city. I'm here to share all of this good stuff with you, drawing is my passion and so is getting outside for both the physical and mental benefits!

In the beginning.

I grew up on a farm and it's these beginnings which have very much inspired and informed my artwork. There was a rhythm on the farm and seasons were at the heart of it. On the farm, you have to be patient and present and work with the elements. I now find that I have a natural seasonal rhythm myself, preferring to be inside painting during the dark winter months and using a lighter approach with illustrations during the summer, although it doesn’t always work out this way of course!

What next?

I always wanted to explore beyond the farm gates, to unearth different people and places. My curiosity took me to different parts of the globe and I found new and exciting inspiration, listened and learned. Through all of the changes, the constancy was my sketchbook and pens - for notes and observations and lots of drawings. The simple act of putting pen to paper, for me, is enough to bring me home; active meditation. I studied Architecture at University so I have an eye for the fine details.

And now?

I work full time as an Architectural Visualiser and enjoy the challenge of working with some of the world’s most well-known and influential Architects Practices, including RPBW, Adjaye Associates, Squires and Foster & Partners, creating images of much of the iconic high-rise London skyline that has emerged over the last 10 years.

Living in London inspires me in different ways, it is brilliant and diverse and has taught me a lot about people and about myself; I hadn't realised my need for space and freedom and a connection with nature as well as my sketchbook than since living in London and this is how my illustration business emerged. I seek out space and solace in my studio and find that putting pen to paper is a highly effective stress buster for me!


I am no stranger to having to take care of my mental well-being and I’ve found that through the tool of drawing, I find clarity and calm. At the core of my work is a true desire to connect with people, to share stories within a safe space and to put smiles on faces one drawing at a time. Having grown up in the countryside, I very much advocate getting fresh air daily and spending time with animals to remember the simple and free pleasures available to all.

Hand-drawn with love.

I hope this little introduction to me goes some-way to explaining the observations and experiences behind my work. The hours spent watching, listening and practising, all come through, I hope, in the characters and wilderness I draw and love. In my sketching, I try to capture the personalities of all my subjects whilst remaining faithful to my distinctive, uncomplicated style but most importantly of all I hope you love what I share and get as much joy, peace and playfulness from my artwork as I do from creating it!

Made locally

With wildlife and nature at the centre of my business, I aim to tread as lightly as possible on the environment when creating and making. All of my products are made with FSC approved papers and all printing is done in England. I use recycled card where possible and all envelopes are also 100% recyclable. 

Let's connect!

Thank you for taking the time to settle in and read this. I would love to chat, so once you've had a mooch around here, either send me a message on the contact page or come over to Instagram and join in the conversations - inspired by nature and travels, cups of tea and where I'll be sharing my works in progress of course!

Talk soon!

Rebecca x